Thanksgiving Hiatus is Over

Tim Pool kept streaming events over the past few days at TheOther99.TV.

There are two disastrous bills moving through the senate. One might, according to the ACLU, allow the Military to detain US Citizens indefinitely, and overturn the Posse Comitatus act.

The other would result in significant restrictions for internet users within the United States, and might destroy user generated content and social media sites like Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

Expect articles on all of this and more in the coming week.


News Alert! Police Action at Baruch College.

Tim Pool is live at Baruch College, at Ustream.TV/TheOther99.


GRAMERCY, MANHATTAN Occupiers were protesting at Baruch College, part of the New York CUNY system, over the rising costs in tuition in a school system that provides an education to poor and working class students. There were numerous arrests, and we have been told that a journalist was thrown into a revolving door while telling the NYPD that she was press, showing her press pass.

An ambulance was seen leaving the scene.

Police Pepper Spray Passive UC Davis Students

Earlier today, police at UC Davis broke up a group of students protesting the eviction of Occupy Davis. The occupiers sat and joined arms in protest of yesterday’s eviction. They offered no resistance to police, and were not physically aggressive. Police pepper sprayed the protesters after they refused to move. Protesters chanted “Don’t shoot students” and “Shame on you.” After ten arrests were made, the police nervously retreated while students continued to chant “Whose University? Our university!”.

Last week, the SF Chronicle reported that after arrests at UC Berkeley, Captain Margo Bennet said that linking arms was “not nonviolent.”

There are multiple Youtube Videos showing the incident from several angles.

Police Retreat:

Other angles of the incident:

Ustream Hiatus, Update!

Update: Tim will be broadcasting the tomorrows March live on Ustream! 12 PM from Zuccotti to WTC7

Watch it!


Hello WATO99 viewers and  supporters,

We wanted to give a quick update regarding our Ustream coverage. Tim and Henry are taking a quick break in coverage in order to recuperate from the 72 hour marathon they have been running to maintain the coverage of the eviction of Zuccotti and the N17 day of action. We will be broadcasting live soon.

For updates keep watch on Twitter and

A Successful Day.


Ustream is back online!


I don’t think anyone will know what the results of today’s historic action will be.

The protesters recovered from an eviction to take part in a massive protest.

At this point, our Ustream channel doesn’t seem to be working. We’re having connectivity issues, which will be made no more with the arrival of new broadcasting equipment.

We might not be back tonight, but you’ll hear from us soon.

Thanks for staying with us.

20,000+ Protesters March on Brooklyn Bridge!

This is our Liveblog of the day’s events, brought to you by Will McLeod with TheOther99. Press Refresh for timely updates. Watch our live video broadcasts here.


Tim Pool, our Media Director, was kept out of the Press Area by people working for UnitedNY. They were trying to guarantee a safe environment, and this was a huge misunderstanding. They’ve graciously apologized, and we’ve gladly accepted. We’ll all be in better communication next time to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


Journalist told Tim Pool that arrested members of the press are in danger of loosing their press passes. Considering the arbitrary arrests of people with official press passes on tuesday morning, that’s intimidation.


NBC Reports their chopper pilot misunderstood directions. Airspace over lower Manhattan is open.


All choppers are called away. Airspace over lower Manhattan has been closed.


Over 9,000 people are standing in Foley Square right now. This is a massive gathering.


Foley square is completely packed. Henry Ferry is en route. Tim Pool is marching with 3000 others who are heading to Foley square now.

There are seven choppers in the air that I can confirm. Some are news, others are NYPD.


Huge confrontation between protesters and police!

Protester kicks over police barricade and is tackled, papers are being thrown out of a window! THIS IS AN OCCUPIED BUILDING, JOIN US TAKE IT BACK!”

Thousands marching down 5th ave, facing off with a few dozen officers. We now have two streams up.


We can confirm that there are other marches in other places around the city. People are occupying the subways, telling their stories. In addition to this, a march is beginning, heading to Foley Sqare.


“We stood up against economic injustice, and for that, they took our tents, they took our medicine, they took the people’s library.”


Sign: “Student Debt is a National Threat.”


Marchers have arrived at Union Square.


Video of Bloodied protester being arrested:


Captain Lewis, Retired, of the Philly PD was arrested while in full uniform today:


This is what we’re being told: A man known as Brendan “Romania” was kicking barricades. We’re told that the police tackled him to the ground, bashing his head on the curb surrounding a flower bed.

His clothes are in the park, and there is blood on the ground.


Protesters have told us that the man who kicked a barricade was beaten by the NYPD and stripped. His pants, scarf, and boots are lying on the ground.

They stripped him in the park.

There is blood on the ground.


At least one person arrested. They ripped something that looked like a camera out of his hands.

One protester was hit in the head, and is bleeding. We’ve seen photographs over our video on others’ cameras.

Tim Pool is now in the park.
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Tim was featured on multiple news outlets. This from MSNBC’s Redtape Chronicles

Tim Pool at Zuccotti Park.

By Bob Sullivan
The revolution will be Ustreamed.

When police ran Occupy Wall Street protestors out of Zuccotti Park in the middle of the night on Tuesday, there was really only one way to watch it live: On Tim Pool’s “TheOther99” video stream. Pool, armed only with a cellphone and donated backup batteries, filmed the event through the night. He hosted the coverage news anchor style, the way Brian Williams would, talking almost continuously, stopping occasionally to conduct interviews.

OWS Loses Right To Tents. Evicted Protesters now Returning. Park will close at 10. Liveblog.

This is our liveblog for the day’s events. Press Refresh for updated information. 

Summary of the Day’s Events:

Last night at 1:30 AM, Mayor Bloomberg ordered the police to clear the square in a night raid. The city was served with a Temporary Restraining Order, but by design or incompetence, the city did not receive the order, saying in court that it was issued at 4:30 AM. Apparently, this is too early to obey the laws, but not too early to arbitrarily enforce them. At least 7 journalists were arrested during the night raid, many of them with official NYC press passes. One journalist informed an officer that she was a member of the press. The police responded “Not tonight.” New York City seems to believe that it can violate freedom of the press at will.

A tense court battle followed, and while protesters were ultimately allowed back in the square, they were not allowed to bring tents with them. We are broadcasting these events live at

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Flash: Occupy Evictions

Breaking News:

Occupy Camps around the world have faced evictions today. The list so far:


Occupy Wall St, New York

*An injunction against the Eviction of OWS has been served by a NY Judge. A copy of the injunction has been posted by the NY Times here.

Occupy protesters hold up copies of court order against eviction of Zuccotti Park.

Occupy protesters hold up copies of court order against eviction of Zuccotti Park. Photograph: Justin Elliott

*Michael Bloomberg made what appeared to be a surprising statement this morning, saying that the Occupy protesters’ First Amendment rights were “not absolute”, and were trumped by the health and safety concerns of the occupation of Zuccotti Park.

From Occupy Wall


  • 6:05 a.m. Liberty Square has been cleared. General assembly under way at Foley Square.
  • 3:36 a.m. Kitchen tent reported teargassed. Police moving in with zip cuffs.
  • 3:33 a.m. Bulldozers moving in
  • 3:16 a.m. Occupiers linking arms around riot police
  • 3:15 a.m. NYPD destroying personal items. Occupiers prevented from leaving with their possessions.
  • 3:13 a.m. NYPD deploying sound cannon
  • 3:08 a.m. heard on livestream: “they’re bringing in the hoses.”
  • 3:05 a.m. NYPD cutting down trees in Liberty Square
  • 2:55 a.m. NYC council-member Ydanis Rodríguez arrested and bleeding from head.
  • 2:44 a.m. Defiant occupiers barricaded Liberty Square kitchen
  • 2:44 a.m. NYPD destroys OWS Library. 5,000 donated books in dumpster.
  • 2:42 a.m. Brooklyn Bridge confirmed closed
  • 2:38 a.m. 400-500 marching north to Foley Square
  • 2:32 a.m. All subways but R shut down
  • 2:29 a.m. Press helicopters evicted from airspace. NYTimes reporter arrested.
  • 2:22 a.m. Frontpage coverage from New York Times
  • 2:15 a.m. Occupiers who have been dispersed are regrouping at Foley Square
  • 2:10 a.m. Press barred from entering Liberty Square
  • 2:07 a.m. Pepper spray deployed — reports of at least one reporter sprayed
  • 2:03 a.m. Massive Police Presence at Canal and Broadway
  • 1:43 a.m. Helicopters overhead.
  • 1:38 a.m. Unconfirmed reports of snipers on rooftops.
  • 1:34 a.m. CBS News Helicopter Livestream
  • 1:27 a.m. Unconfirmed reports that police are planning to sweep everyone.
  • 1:20 a.m. Subway stops are closed.
  • 1:20 a.m. Brooklyn bridge is closed.
  • 1:20 a.m. Occupiers chanting “This is what a police state looks like.”
  • 1:20 a.m. Police are in riot gear.
  • 1:20 a.m. Police are bringing in bulldozers.

Occupy Oakland, California

Occupy Toronto

Occupy Portland, Oregon

Occupy London, England

Occupy Zurich, Switzerland

Occupy Halifax, Nova Scotia

The number of affected camps continues to grow, WATO99 will be your primary source for updates.