Occupy Mobile Evicted. Liveblog.

TheOther99 is committed to making sure that Smaller Occupations get the coverage they deserve. That’s why we’re covering places like OccupyTulsa, and OccupyMobile. When they chant “the whole world is watching” it’s our job to make sure that the whole world actually is. So please, stay with us as we set up this liveblog. We’ve got two sources on the ground we’ve been talking with, and we’ve put in a call to Mobile’s mayor.

This is what we know so far: The Mayor of Mobile told them they had till Wednesday Morning. Because almost all of the Mobile occupiers are employed, their camp has as few as ten people during the day. The mayor and police know this. So today, at noon, police ordered the encampment cleared, reneging on the previous deadline of tomorrow morning.

Because Mobile is critically underfunded, they absolutely cannot lose anything: there’s no way to replace it. The ten protesters that were there packed up what they could, and left Spanish park. Mayor Sam Jones says that he does not believe in public peaceable assembly.

“I respect the right of free speech guaranteed under the US constitution,” he said, “however, that right does not allow the occupation of public parks and facilities without permission.” [Emphasis Mine]

Yet again, public officials are declaring that the right to free assembly only applies to private property. We have unconfirmed reports that one of the officers on scene has been accused of brutality in the past. We’re still trying to confirm those reports. We haven’t received a response to our request for official comment.

Emily Shuler spoke about the Occupation:

Emilee: We could benefit from more people in Mobile coming out and helping us. Right now we have the same people that we’ve had this whole time. We have acquired some new faces from upstate new york and from all around the country but we need more people locally. We’re not just focusing on the issues of Wall Street, I mean, that is a big part of it, but a lot of it has to do with a bunch of local Grievances that everyone can relate to. That’s one thing that we really need is more heads here to help us.

Newscaster: Now do y’all plan on coming back if you get a chance?

Emilee: I’m not sure what the exact plans are yet. I guess we’ll decide that in a general assembly. For the most part we plan on finding a place. We’re not going to fizzle out and die, that’s for sure. We’re going to find a place, maybe some private property, where we can set up camp and come tackle different issues, just have somewhere we can stay and work from there, have a base camp here.

4:36 PM EST:

Two Things. First, the protesters only agreed to move so that veterans day celebrations could take place in Spanish Plaza. Al.com quotes one of them: Michael Lynch, one of the protestors, said that the group came to a consensual decision to comply with the mayor’s demand in respect for the veterans. “We are moving for the veterans because we respect the sacrifice they made so we can even be here,” he said. “We are not doing this for City Hall. They can go to hell.”

They’ve moved temporarily to a second location, but many will re-enter the park tonight, having volunteered to be arrested.

Second, people requested phone numbers.

Here you go: (And Remember, it’s Mo-BEEL Alabama)

Mobile Mayor’s Office: 251-208-7411

Mobile Prosecutor’s Office: 251-208-7416

Mobile City Administration: 251-208-7416

5:38 PM EST:

Several of us have called multiple times. As of now, no one has returned our calls. People who are set aside to deal with the press are “unavailable.” Why is it that any time we ask questions of any government body, the people who are designated to respond are unavailable? This is a consistent problem.

5:50 PM EST

This was the scene at Occupy Mobile yesterday:

Encampment at Occupy Mobile

As you can see for yourrself, it’s a very small, very orderly occupation. Many people have been involved for weeks. As I wrote earlier, most of them work, so the encampment is very small during the day. While they have had daily marches for the past three weeks, they’ve only been occupying Spanish Plaza since Saturday.
Their General Assembly is being held now. Several people have volunteered to be arrested. Stay with us.

7:20 PM EST:

The OccupyMobile Livestream is online. You can follow it here:


We have confirmed reports of Police on Horseback.

7:38 PM EST

We can confirm multiple police on horseback. We can hear the occasional clopping of hooves over livestream. The Narrator told us about the horses recently. They can see at least 4 mounted officers that can be seen. The Livestream operator is reporting multiple paddywagons nearby, as well as several patrol and undercover cars.


9:00 PM EST

50 supporters are inbound from Pensacola, and they’re planning on occupying a different park. This is the result of a long, procedural GA, and conversations with Occupiers Elsewhere.


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