A Successful Day.


Ustream is back online!


I don’t think anyone will know what the results of today’s historic action will be.

The protesters recovered from an eviction to take part in a massive protest.

At this point, our Ustream channel doesn’t seem to be working. We’re having connectivity issues, which will be made no more with the arrival of new broadcasting equipment.

We might not be back tonight, but you’ll hear from us soon.

Thanks for staying with us.


5 responses

  1. Hi Tim, i watched the livestream for about 2 hours yesterday, myself being in germany. Just want to say that i absolutely support the occupy movement and i am excited, never seen anything like this before! Kudos for standing your ground for two months already. This is about real freedom and democracy, words that have been misused for too long! I am proud of all you participants, this has become too big to be ignored. I wonder about the condition of Brendan “Romania”? Peace!

  2. Thanks for the great coverage. Being able to see all the action on the street was very engaging. I felt like I was marching right along with OWS. It really is exciting to see the energy in the OWS movement. Many of us understand that big changes are needed to keep Americans working, healthy and well-fed. We know that it is the 1% playing a cruel game of keepaway with the wealth of our nation that is the primary cause of our economic woes. Shining light on the 1% by the Occupiers is turning the lights on for many Americans. We are beginning to truly understand that far more unites us than divides us. As this truth becomes more self-evident, OWS will continue to grow. The Other 99% has done the OWS movement a big service with its excellent coverage. Thanks Tim and Henry. Keep it up!

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