20,000+ Protesters March on Brooklyn Bridge!

This is our Liveblog of the day’s events, brought to you by Will McLeod with TheOther99. Press Refresh for timely updates. Watch our live video broadcasts here.


Tim Pool, our Media Director, was kept out of the Press Area by people working for UnitedNY. They were trying to guarantee a safe environment, and this was a huge misunderstanding. They’ve graciously apologized, and we’ve gladly accepted. We’ll all be in better communication next time to ensure this doesn’t happen again.


Journalist told Tim Pool that arrested members of the press are in danger of loosing their press passes. Considering the arbitrary arrests of people with official press passes on tuesday morning, that’s intimidation.


NBC Reports their chopper pilot misunderstood directions. Airspace over lower Manhattan is open.


All choppers are called away. Airspace over lower Manhattan has been closed.


Over 9,000 people are standing in Foley Square right now. This is a massive gathering.


Foley square is completely packed. Henry Ferry is en route. Tim Pool is marching with 3000 others who are heading to Foley square now.

There are seven choppers in the air that I can confirm. Some are news, others are NYPD.


Huge confrontation between protesters and police!

Protester kicks over police barricade and is tackled, papers are being thrown out of a window! THIS IS AN OCCUPIED BUILDING, JOIN US TAKE IT BACK!”

Thousands marching down 5th ave, facing off with a few dozen officers. We now have two streams up.


We can confirm that there are other marches in other places around the city. People are occupying the subways, telling their stories. In addition to this, a march is beginning, heading to Foley Sqare.


“We stood up against economic injustice, and for that, they took our tents, they took our medicine, they took the people’s library.”


Sign: “Student Debt is a National Threat.”


Marchers have arrived at Union Square.


Video of Bloodied protester being arrested:


Captain Lewis, Retired, of the Philly PD was arrested while in full uniform today:


This is what we’re being told: A man known as Brendan “Romania” was kicking barricades. We’re told that the police tackled him to the ground, bashing his head on the curb surrounding a flower bed.

His clothes are in the park, and there is blood on the ground.


Protesters have told us that the man who kicked a barricade was beaten by the NYPD and stripped. His pants, scarf, and boots are lying on the ground.

They stripped him in the park.

There is blood on the ground.


At least one person arrested. They ripped something that looked like a camera out of his hands.

One protester was hit in the head, and is bleeding. We’ve seen photographs over our video on others’ cameras.

Tim Pool is now in the park.


They’re chanting “WE ARE THE 99 PERCENT, SO ARE YOU!” Massive police presence in the park right now.


Everyone in the park is being detained, we don’t know if they’re going to be arrested.


There is a large police action inside the park. Police are inside, batons drawn. Protesters are reporting injuries.

Large NYPD Wagons have parked near the square.

“I would like to leave, am I stuck in here?” Asked one protester.

The Officer responded “Yep.”


They are still not letting anyone in or out. A number of large NYPD vehicles inbound, including unmarked vehicles. We’re trying to verify what’s happening.


At least one protester has left the park by jumping over the retaining wall. Police are in the park with Batons drawn. The police are not allowing anyone to leave the park.


Tim Pool is just outside Zuccotti, he’s reporting that the police are not letting people out of the park.


Tim pool is still live in Zuccoti park. We’re digging through multiple images of protesters being beaten and attacked, most of it at Water and Broad, south of the stock exchange.

RT Reports significant amounts of police brutality. There’s a CNN iReport showing a protester being dragged across the street. From the video, we can’t tell if she’s being dragged by her hair or her backpack.


NYPD Confirms more than 100 arrests today.


Josh Harkinson hopped in a budget rental truck being driven by protesters. It was full of NYPD barricades.

The police stopped them and arrested the driver.


Russia Today is confirming that LRAD was used on protesters singing the national anthem:


The LRAD device used was the handheld 100x model with a “behavior shaping” warning tone, that provides a “nonlethal deterrent” according to the company that makes it. Our original research suggested that it was just an advanced megaphone. That isn’t true. It’s a megaphone with a sonic canon “warning tone.”


More police are en route to Zuccotti. Several members of the press were grabbed and pushed by the NYPD. They’ve beaten at least two journalists, and arrested at least one.


The NYPD is attacking members of the press. They just slammed a metal barricade into a photographer, knocking him off his feet.

Meanwhile, we’re getting reports that a few savvy protesters in suits have infiltrated the NYSE. Can’t confirm. They say that everyone inside is talking about Occupy Wall Street.


Russia Today is confirming LRAD deployment.


Protesters claim this handheld Lrad was just used on protesters singing the national anthem.


Protesters sing the national anthem at Nassau and Pine. The police respond with LRAD.


CNBC reports that journalists are being kicked out. At least one journalist arrested. NYPD Kettling occupiers on pine between broadway and nassau.


A blogger I trust is tweeting that LRAD is on site, and may be deployed against protesters.


The most violent clashes today happened at Beaver and Williams. Journalists and protesters both were hit with batons, with one Russia Today videographer being hit in the arm. Protesters linked arms, and when broken up, used their signs to shield themselves from NYPD batons.

A police bus just went down Wall Street to West Street with lights blazing.

10:24 AM: The NYPD is making things difficult for journalists. Their equipment is being searched (as if the police weren’t busy enough.) At least two CNN reporters were speaking at length about how they couldn’t get to the NYSE.

The marchers are declaring victory for this phase of the occupation. Zuccotti park is being flooded. They’ve opened the barricades, and are allowing people to enter.

10:21 AM: NY Times reports at least 50 arrested.

10:20 AM: The woman in the e-mail was not arrested because the NYPD couldn’t figure out HOW to arrest her. They ticketed her instead.

10:09 AM: Protesters are now chanting “All Day All Week Occupy Wall St!” They’re marching on Broadway.

10:07 AM: They may be planning to march again.

10:03 AM: I’m willing to estimate 3,000 in lower Manhattan in multiple locations. There may be more in places that I can’t see.

9:56 AM: We can confirm that the NYPD arrested one woman in a wheelchair.

9:52 AM: Protesters still being beaten by police at Wall and Pearl. They’re using their signs as shields to block NYPD Batons.

9:47AM: More people are streaming into lower Manhattan. I have multiple reports from multiple journalists that protesters are still arriving.

9:43AM: Wall and Pearl: Occupiers are Barricading the streets with the police’s own barricades.

9:35 AM: Protesters chant “El Pueblo Unido Jamas Sera Vencido.” The people united will never be defeated.

9:33 AM: Lucy Kafanov: 3 elderly ladies link arms as the NYPD moves in: http://twitpic.com/7fd4ro

9:21 AM: RT’s Lucy Kafanov is reporting violent arrests.

9:19 AM: Philidelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis has been arrested by the NYPD outside of the New York Stock Exchange.


9:12 AM: Truthdig just tweeted that the opening bell has been delayed. We’re attempting to confirm.

9:10 AM: Lucy Kafanov is Senior TV News producer and on-air analyst for RT.

9:08 AM: 6:08 AM PT: Russia Today’s Lucy Kafanov reports that she was just hit with a baton by the NYPD. Video: http://qik.com/…

9:05 AM: Wall street worker is demanding that the NYPD pepper spray the protesters blocking the street.

9:03 AM: Protesters are attempting to push onto Wall St at broadway. Tim pool is trapped against a barricade, filming officers with NO identification and NO badges. They have black pieces of tape over their names.

9:00 AM: Four Protesters are being pinned down and arrested in front of Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church.

8:53 AM: Protesters are pushing in from multiple directions on Pine and William, trying to break through riot police to make it onto Wall St.

40 or 50 officers are pushing back against the protesters, and played tug of war with some of the protesters, attempting to sieze and arrest them. The protesters pulled their fellows away from the police.

8:48 AM: On TheOther99 Channel 1, the occupiers were pushed back, prevented from taking the bull.

They’re blocking a bus now.

8:47 AM: On hanks stream, protesters are pushing hard against a line of riot police. “Anyone on the sidewalk, MOVE THEM OUT!” Says commanding officer.

They played tug of war over the hood of a police car with a woman the police was trying to arrest. They pulled her back into the crowd.

At first, I thought a white shirt had grabbed her hair. He didn’t. He cupped his hands under her head to keep it from banging into the police car.

It just proves that most police are decent people who really do want to protect and serve.

8:44 AM: Protesters have reached the wall ST Bull. THEY’RE TAKING THE BULL! Protesters have swept the barricades away and are taking the bull!


8:33 AM: The march continues. The NYPD is checking work IDs at most locations.

8:30 AM: Protesters:

Mic Check: We have every intersection blocked! Every intersection but this one! BLOCK THIS INTERSECTION!

8:25 AM: A group of school children, possibly on a trip, were surrounded by marchers, who made a path, and chanted at the police “LET THE KIDS THROUGH!” The police relented, letting the children pass.

8:21 AM: Several small marches are uniting into a larger group, and reorganizing.

8:11 AM:  The march has stopped, and is blocking Wall St and Broadway. The marchers have surrounded several patrol cars. Black Bloc was prevented from doing anything to the cars. Marchers are passing several squad cars with a handful of police peacefully as they change direction once again.

Wall street seems effectively shut down. It’s been turned into a fortress.

8:09 AM: They pushed on a police barricade, and couldn’t make it through. They refused to be kettled in and are changing directions, trying to find another way to break through!

“MARCH! MARCH! MARCH!” Protesters jogging now.

8:05 AM: Occupiers are facing off ON WALL ST with the police.

Chanting: Banks got bailed out, we got sold out.

8:00 AM: Protesters are pushing on Wall St from MULTIPLE directions. CBS Choppers are watching a line of protesters pushing against riot police with mounted police in the rear.

They’ve made them fortify Wall Street, which will prevent anyone who works at the NYSE from getting through.

Tim has reached the location being covered by CBS Choppers. They’ve stopped pushing at the riot police and are circling around, looking for a different way in.

7:57 AM: I was incorrect before. These buildings have wall st adresses because they straddle both streets. They’re passing the 60 Wall building right now, attempting to round a corner near Deutsche Bank.

7:47 AM: Police have attempted to block protesters with riot police, vans, and scooters. They’ve failed.


7:43 AM: The protesters rounded a corner and are trying to push through from two directions onto wall street!

The police couldn’t block the march! Occupiers have broken through! Protesters incoming from several directions as they attempt to break through onto Wall St!

The Riot Police have given up! They’re letting people through, but demanding they stay on the sidewalk. Marchers are mixing with everyday New Yorkers at this point.

7:39 AM: For those of you who can’t see the Ustream Video, protesters are chanting “All Day All Week, Occupy Wall Street,” and attempting to cross a street on broadway-


4:33 AM PT: The March Is Starting. They’re attempting to shut down wall st right now.

Congress shall make no law… abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.

This is not a polite suggestion. This is not an idle ordinance. This is not an arcane relic of a bygone era.

These words are the very foundation of our democracy. They are, fundamentally, what guarantees our natural rights, and our liberty itself.

Bloomberg’s assault on our constitutionally guaranteed rights must not be allowed to stand.

Here are the facts: Bloomberg’s Boys have been arresting journalists regardless of whether they have NYPD issued press passes. I can confirm that seven journalists were arrested, most with press passes. That doesn’t include unpaid citizen journalists. People identifying themselves as journalists were told “not tonight, you’re not.” Foreign journalists are being threatened. Several have expressed concern to me personally, and one has said he will not continue to cover Occupy Wall St because he fears losing his visa.

Emails have gone out from local universities to film students, telling them to be “careful.” The schools are worried because of the NYPD’s tactic of arbitrarily arresting protesters. Arrests for disorderly conduct can certainly harm an international student’s capability to stay in the US. When students are studying film in New York, it means they’re some of the most skilled camera people on earth. They know how to brace their arms into a tripod and hold a camera steady, and they’ve scrimped and saved to buy good equipment. I’ve seen a lot of international students down there with $3,000-5,000 semiprofessional cameras.

They’re being told not to be anywhere near today’s march.

Meanwhile, several hundred of the core organizers and facilitators were specifically targeted for arrest by the NYPD. They’re still in jail, and are being held for 72 hours, despite not being told what they have been charged with. They were able to get the following message out through legal counsel.

While we’ve been imprisoned here we’ve held Assemblies and Mic Checked corrections officers to attend to urgent medical conditions, some of which were the result of police brutality during the raids. There is no food except for bread, no cleanliness, no hygene, no waters, no showers. There are non-occupiers who are suffering here as well.We do not know what we have been charged with.

We want freedom!

This message was consensed upon by a group of occupiers imprisoned by Billionare Michael Bloomberg and his private army, and relayed to members of the Legal Working Group of #ows.

As I walked in at 6:00 AM today, an NYPD Chopper hovered menacingly over Liberty Square.

This is the scene as Occupiers plan for their largest day of action yet.

Their list of targets includes the following:

1. Shutting down lower Manhattan to prevent people from reaching the New York Stock Exchange. Most people think this goal probably wont be achieved, but they’re going to try anyway.
2. Intentionally occupying a bridge or tunnel into New York City during commuting hours. Last time was spontaneous, this time will be planned.
3. Occupying the subways, not to shut them down, but to have people riding every train, telling their stories, and arguing for economic justice.
4. Reorganizing at Foley Square outside of the New York Supreme Court for dinner and further action.

It’s a historic day.

Tim Pool and Henry Ferry will be broadcasting live from the marches all day long. Stay with us.


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