Ustream Hiatus, Update!

Update: Tim will be broadcasting the tomorrows March live on Ustream! 12 PM from Zuccotti to WTC7

Watch it!


Hello WATO99 viewers and  supporters,

We wanted to give a quick update regarding our Ustream coverage. Tim and Henry are taking a quick break in coverage in order to recuperate from the 72 hour marathon they have been running to maintain the coverage of the eviction of Zuccotti and the N17 day of action. We will be broadcasting live soon.

For updates keep watch on Twitter and


3 responses

  1. The MSM has failed us, but you guy’s filled the gap with excellet reporting. I must say you made me tired at times watching you labor up and down the streets, but you got the story out. Thank-You, and keep up the good work. Terry

  2. Excellent Work Guys! We followed your coverage most of the day and evening yesterday.

    Really appreciate your dedication, hard work, and professionalism.

    It is our (And probably many other’s) feeling that UnitedNY is associated with the establishment. We want to know why they lied to you, restricted access, and basically treated you like, well -like the cops treat everyone involved in the resistance to tyranny.

    Please feel free to contact us anytime! If we can be of service in any way. We have some sources that are very good at checking into the backgrounds of anyone out there. If you need info on anyone, please let us know. If anyone threatens you in any way online, you can provide the most basic information, and chances are, we can let you know their shoe size within five minutes.

    United We STAND!

    All The Best To You And Yours!
    -Crisis Jones

  3. I want to thank you all for providing coverage, especially over this past week. I am a native New Yorker, but I moved from the City when I was a teenager. I live now in a small town in western NYS, along the Southern Tier. I am so heartened by Tim and Henry’s coverage, of which I was fortunate to have seen about 85%. While each has his own style, both were polite, professional, and thoroughly enjoyable to watch. (“Enjoyable” might not be the appropriate adjective given the subject matter they were reporting, but writing has never been my forte!) You all made it possible for me, 400 miles away, to feel as though I was part of these events. You are all blessed for having the courage to provide information to as many people as possible. Know that you have touched so many lives, and you have our support.

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