These Homes are Occupied.

This is our liveblog of the Reoccupation of homes across the country. Go to for live video. Press “Refresh” for timely updates.


The house has been succesfully reoccupied. Our man on the ground wasn’t able to get inside. We’re shutting this blog down for the moment, but we’ll update you if anything changes.


Bobby Hull is being defended by Occupy Minneapolis. He’s a disabled Vietnam veteran. Here’s his story:


Speaker: “We are the 99% of the people in the United States of America. We will fight for what’s right, and we will not let the 1% stand on the neck of the 99%. Stand back, 1%! Move aside! We’re here to stay.”


Protesters have arrived at the home they are reoccupying.


There are homes Availible in Brooklyn for $150,000. The cost of land isn’t that low in NYC. Brownsville is one of the poorest neighborhoods in New York City.

We have confirmation that reoccupy events are scheduled to take place in Florida, California, Colorado, Missouri, Georgia, Ohio, and Illinois. We’re going to bring you updates from those events soon.


One of the City Councilmen leading the march said “On Behalf of East New York, I Councilman Charles Barrett, present this gift, as a housewarming gift, because on this day, we are claiming a home for our sister!” Two city councilmen are leading the march to reclaim a foreclosed home.

“When they say forclose, we say for open” quipped one organizer.

Across the country, Americans are standing together. They’ve come from all political parties, all walks of life, and they have a very simple message. After we, the American Taxpayers, lent you 7 trillion dollars; after we gave lent you money equivelant to half of our GDP; after we pulled you out of a burning building with a bailout, you will not foreclose on the American dream.

These homes are occupied, and they will continue to be.

We’ve had some significant successes already.

That’s the home of a DeKalb County Police Officer, in Georgia, who was aided by OccupyAtlanta when his bank threatened to foreclose.

When the family was threatened with arrest for “being accessories to tresspassers,” the Occupiers agreed to leave.

As they reopen or occupy homes under threat of foreclosure, we will probably see more arrests today and in the coming days.

But that won’t be the end of this antiforeclosure movement. It won’t even be the beginning.

This is the opening salvo for a spring offensive, where activists say they plan to occupy entire neighborhoods across the country. Today’s national action is an attempt to gain momentum, and bring more of the American people onboard.

No one is sure that occupiers will win this first engagement. But occupiers are sure that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Tim pool is on the ground in Brownsville, Brooklyn, so we will be bringing you live video shortly, and I’ll stay here to bring you the day’s events.

We’re live in Brownsville Brooklyn, where hundreds of occupiers will march to reclaim a foreclosed home.


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