Occupy Fort Lauderdale Stops Fraudulent Eviction

They never missed a payment. They were told they were in good standing. Then, their mortgage was sold to Wells-Fargo, who decided that they didn’t want the $20,000 balance the Bien-Aime family owed, they wanted their house. The Bien-Aime family made one mistake. They trusted their bank. Wells-Fargo refused to accept payments, and began Foreclosure proceedings on the Biene-Aime’s home.

The Biene-Aime family had the money to pay off their debt. Wells-Fargo didn’t care.

Occupy Fort Lauderdale rallied to the site on the day of the eviction, yesterday, and the Biene-Aime’s recieved legal help. The eviction order was withdrawn, and the family will be able to spend Christmas in their own home. They’re going to court to fight what is a fraudulent and illegal eviction.

We are expecting a number of documents, photos, and a statement from the family. Expect full coverage on this story tomorrow.


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